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The Above and Beyond Education, the first social enterprise of education center on positive education in Hong Kong, was founded in 2014 in Sham Shui Po. We borrow and localize the best practices of positive education from all around the world. We dedicate to promote scientific-based social-emotional learning / positive psychology through services such as after-school homework tutorial, workshop, talks for affordable and non-affordable groups of students, parents, schools and NGOs. We aim at helping the next generation flourish by developing their healthy and positive wellbeing and resilience through positive education; developing strong, supportive relationships between students and their parents, the bedrock to everyone’s well-being, through parent education to build more harmonious families and ultimately a better society; redefining the purpose of education, emphasizing happy learning, developing students’ unique character strengths and combining academic studies with life education. 

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Above and Beyond Education
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Product and Service

Positive psychology / social emotional learning based training for students, parents, teachers / schools including after school homework tutorial (on demand by school), training workshop and talk on positive education, positive parenting, emotional education, growth mindset/resilience development etc, zentangle/mindfulness workshop, DIY workshop on cleaning / skin care products, personal growth training workshop/camp, liberal studies/STEM/community exploration activity and tailor-made workshop / activity.