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Social Enterprise Business Centre collects and consolidates different SE discounts and promotions on a quarterly basis. The information is available at our SE Promotion Theme Page cum online search engine, as well as the mobile app version of the SE Directory. The offers cover various categories so as to fulfil the needs of the public.

Apart from normal SE promotion, the SE promotional messages related to certain themes will be featured on the page every season, in order to promote B2B procurement from SEs. The theme of this season is Gift Services. If you are looking for festive gifts for your employees, customers and partners, you could find the information of relevant SEs here!

Microgreen Growing Kit A Green Greeting to your customers Microgreen Growing Kits include a ceramic pot of width 7cm and height 5cm, bamboo saucer, soil, seeds and growing instruction. It is suitable for growing outdoor or somewhere bright enough to read indoor. It will be ready for harvest in 7-10 days after sowing. It is originally $45 and there will be a 10% discount and free delivery for ordering 20 sets or more. Please contact us if there are anu questions.Tel: 23510005Email:
Christmas and New Year Global Fruits Hamper Delivery Gift Services Coupon code: SEBCVIP20Offer 1:Customers who purchase the Global Fruits hamper can get [Fruitsmama’s own brand] environmentally friendly organic [Fruit and Vegetable Clean Enzyme], made in Hong Kong, while stocks last.Offer 2:Customers who purchase the 4th-8th Global Fruits Hampers at the same time can enjoy an additional $20 off each.If Customers who purchase the 9th or more Global Fruits Hampers, can even enjoy a 10% discount on the entire order.
This Christmas, we wish you the very best. This Christmas, iBakery launches a brand new "Christmas Gingerbread. Coffee. Face Mask Gift Set".Other than iBakery Christmas hero product Gingerbread, we put drip coffee bags together with face masks into the beautiful Christmas gift boxes. We hope to bring everyone a warm and sweet Christmas.From now on to Nov 27, you can enjoy the early bird discounts for any purchase of Christmas items. Pre-order Now!

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