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Social Enterprise Business Centre collects and consolidates different SE discounts and promotions on a quarterly basis. The information is available at our SE Promotion Theme Page cum online search engine, as well as the mobile app version of the SE Directory. The offers cover various categories so as to fulfil the needs of the public.

Apart from normal SE promotion, the SE promotional messages related to certain themes will be featured on the page every season, in order to promote B2B procurement from SEs. The theme of this season is Office Cleaning and Eco Services. If you are looking for office cleaning services/ products, as well as eco services for your corporate, you could find the information of relevant SEs here!

Using TWD is the best way to avoid virus Tiny Water Dropper (TWD) has 4 models in total. Pouring half a liter of water into each drain outlet and inspect regularly can maintain the U-Traps contain water constantly. This is an effective way to prevent the spread of the disease. To further ensure the environmental hygiene, using “TWD” to pour water can avoid wetting the floor when you are doing so.Companies/institutions are welcome to purchase in wholesale form."Social Enterprise Directory" Promotion code: #TWDSEBC (10% off coupon x 10)Terms of use: The 10% discount coupon is only applicable to our company’s online shop and purchase at least HK $ 78.Expiry date: Sept 30, 2020
Coffee Grounds Experiential Events plus Eco Products Promo & Customization “Coffee Base” Experiential TourThe tour is driven by Zero Grounds Coffee Campaign and launched in 2020 Q1. It aims at providing a unique experience to participants to observe, feel and experience the second life of locally recycled coffee grounds by visualizing the coffee grounds upcycling process. Participants will also take away eco knowledge for daily applications.Tour Details: Eco Products Promo & CustomizationOnline Shop 10% Off Discount (Valid Until 30 June)- Discount Code: EGLSED10OFF- Address: Corporate PremiumDetails:
Anti-epidemic price on solar panel feed-in tariff system installation CLP and HEC purchase solar and other renewable energy power from residential or commercial users at "Feed-in Tariff rate". In response to the epidemic situation, let us help you to install solar panel system at a reasonable and cheap price to increase extra income and overcome the difficulties.Purchase before 31/8/ 2020, you can enjoy 5% discount.
Tailor-made service, free quotes available "Prosperous Integrated Service(PIS)" aiming to provide professional training and employment for people with disabilities. We provide diversified services like cleaning services for shops, offices, residences, commercial buildings and schools, etc. Our Objectives are providing reliable, quality and diversified services for customers and creating job opportunities to the disabled to help them develop potentials and abilities to live in the community.Please contact 2624-7226 for further information.
SE Gift Certificate  Keeping good personal and environmental hygiene is important during this hard time. Apart from wearing surgical mask and washing hand, choosing high-quality cleaning products for your office is also vital. Many social enterprises and local small shops are listed on the Social Enterprise Gift Certificate (GC) program which offers high quality cleaning products. You surely can use GC to support them in such a special way.This programme aims to support different social enterprises, local shops, organic and fair-trade sales points while you can enjoy your consumption. The Gift Certificate can be used in more than 100 locations in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories). Exclusive offer: For the purchase of SE Gift Certificate hk$30,000 or above, you can enjoy 2% rebate of total purchase by using SE gift certificate with $20 face value. Offer will be until 29 July 2020.For further details and enquiries, please contact 2864 2903 Andy Chan.Visit for terms and conditions, Good Goods Social Enterprise reserves the right to the final decision for any disputes.

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