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Happy Walker

About Us:

We, 8 of 50+ co-founders have established a social enterprise after receiving the startup fund from HK Christian Family Services' 「賽馬會50+創豐盛計劃」on 30/07/2018. The social enterprise provides accompany walking service to stay alone underprivileged elders via the NGOs' referral either in individual basis or in small groups. By doing so, the elders will have walking exercise; human communication and care by 50+ volunteers. We intend the elders are not exclusion from the society.

SE Information:

Happy Walker
9266 4469
Room 1002, 10/F, 88 Hing Fat Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Product and Service

To provide tailor-made individual/ small group walking service by a group of trained 50+ retired personnel. They offer listening and caring to the elders and make them feel being included.


Elderly Home Care Series - Quick Fixing

Our Service: We provide home quick fixing service to the elders free of charge.  Our service is working together with NGO and social workers.  The service includes:  a) home safety inspection and b) immediate repairs.  As a result, home accidents could be reduced and living conditions are improved.  It fits the objective of the "Living at home" scheme.

Our Target:  Any underprivileged stay alone or 2 elders stay together whose age are 60 or over are eligible.

Be A Sponsor:  You may sponsor HK $200 per family.  The sponsorship will be for volunteer's allowance and repairing material costs. Our work will be posted in Social Medias.