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Corporate - Testimonial

Many clients have had remarkable experiences with us. Take a look at what they have to say… 

I like the program very much – hands-on experiences are more fruitful than simply knowing through TV. The visit was more than a volunteer work – it was an eye-opener and memorable lesson about the working life of social enterprise workers.'

Mr. Malcolm Chui of Rhythm Foundation, after visiting a social enterprise in Hong Kong.


I find the program very fulfilling and educational. Not only did it enrich my understanding of the Islamic-Muslim culture, but it also changed my perception of ethnic minorities. Now, I am more willing to get in touch with them. This program is particularly useful for me, since I am working in a racially diverse environment. I definitely learned a lot and hope to join ACT social awareness programmes again in the future."

Ms. Cathy Zhou of QI Group, after visiting the home of an ethnic minority family.