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FAIR CIRCLE (Ma On Shan Shop)

About Us:

Hong Kong Fair Trade Power (HKFTP) is a social enterprise established in 2005, with a mission to advocate fair trade in Hong Kong. We are solely owned by the non-profit organization “Fair Trade Power”, which is led by a managing board.
We adhere to the principles of transparency and accountability in operation, promote fair trade products, and strengthen consumers’ understanding of the idea of fair trade.

SE Information:

FAIR CIRCLE (Ma On Shan Shop)
3188 8064
3188 0064
Shop 76A, 1/F, Fu Fai Garden Shopping Centre, Ma On Shan, NT
Funding Source:
Funded by mother organization

Product and Service

FAIR CIRCLE is the product brand of HKFTP. We promote Fair Trade in three aspects, including advocacy and education, establish production partnership and sales of products. We help over 350,000 marginalized producers and their community in more than 30 countries every year, to improve their living and social status.