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South Kwai Chung Social Service has been a charitable institution since its establishment in October 1987 and a member institution of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service and also the Community Chest for more than two decades. As what our mission says, “We serve with love from our hearts”, we are committed to serving the grassroots especially those who are in need and live in the Kwai Tsing District, regardless of their religions, sex, age and ethnicity. We are also dedicated ourselves to promoting physical and mental health and raising the overall quality of life in the community through a wide range of service in multidisciplinary collaboration between primary care doctors, allied health professionals, social sector and non-governmental organisation (NGO) workers.

Speech Therapy Centre, one of the six centres under South Kwai Chung Social Service, was established in June 2014 and aims at providing different types of services to improve their health and raise their quality of life. The services include speech therapy, health measurement and rehabilitation training.

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Speech Therapy Centre
2743 0900
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G/F, No. 6, Yeung King House, Lai King Estate, Kwai Chung, NT

Product and Service

Speech Therapy Centre provides professional rehabilitation service for people with communication and/or swallowing disorders. They are delivered by the speech therapists in the form of professional and comprehensive assessment and intervention. Speech therapist will design treatment according to the needs of individual client.

We hope that the speech therapy centre, on the one hand, improves their oral motor function, boosts their self-confidence and helps them enhance their communication and social skills, on the other hand, equips care givers with the necessary knowledge and skills. Under this circumstance, not only patients with communication and swallowing disorders become healthier, but also it helps deepen their family members ’understanding of the situation.