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Secret Angel

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Especially to teenagers, smartphone using culture is irreversible and brings them to be more self-centered. Isolation of them emerges as a noticeable social problem in this decade. But technology plays barely a medium, we are going to make use of it to bring them back into their groups with a healthier relationship. We turn a classic game “Secret Angel” into an App in order to shift the player from ego center to peer care. "Secret Angel" emphasizes in players connection which can bridge them up with a better understanding and leads them out of the virtual contact but into reality through working out a series of meaningful actions altogether.

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Product and Service

The most profound rule of the traditional game, Secret Angel, is to secretly provide care and surprise to those designated objects, or guardians, within a certain period of time, without disclosing the angels’ own identities.

Using the mobile phones, Apps Secret Angel serves much closer to its original purpose; by hiding the angels’ identities under their “mask”, the angels can send caring to their guardians at any time.

Breaking through the framework of traditional mobile games, the players as angels shall fulfill different “Angel Tasks” by approaching their guardians by all means in real life, but under hidden identities.  The beauty of this App is to promote interaction of the friendship, during the completion of the tasks secretly.

Going one step further, every person hopes to know his/her image in the eyes of others. In his/her own library of questions, different questions can be created for his/her friends to answer.  He/she could use different emoji to show his/her satisfaction with the answers, and hence it could deepen their mutual understanding.