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Vitalia Academy For Life Long Learning (the former Institute of Continuing Education for the Senior Citizens) was inaugurated in 1998. The academy strives to create learning platform for the third aged to equip themselves with new knowledge and skills; to develop their potentials. The academy has been operating for more than 18 years, and there are more than 2700 registered members. As the young old (aged 45 years old or above) population is growing, the academy initiates and provides innovative and diverse course for retiree, so as to strength their adaptability to daily living and achieve total health; enable the students to contribute to the community with what they have learnt so as to lead a meaningful late life.

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Vitalia Academy For Life Long Learning
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Shop A-E, G/F, Hill Court, 28 Hill Road, Western District, HK
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The Academy comprises seven Faculties including Faculty of Language, Faculty of Cultural Arts, Faculty of Religion and Philosophy, Faculty of Health Management, Faculty of Music and Dance, Faculty of Information Technology and Living Arts and Styles. In order to extend learning opportunities and to cultivate various interests and hobbies for the young old. The new generation of elderliers has great learning potential and hence the academy has launched a series of Innovation and up-to-dated courses for the members. Moreover, the academy has cooperated with different corporate partners and community orgainsations, and invited their professional staff to be volunteer tutors and delivered "professional" course. The academy also promote the idea of "Wall-less classroom", such as organising "Taiwan working holiday" for members to learn and experience culture and history of Taiwan tribe.