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Caritas Computer Workshop

About Us:

Founded in 2001 with the help of the Social Welfare Department, the Caritas Computer Workshop initially aimed at providing teenagers with computer hardware and software vocational training. As part of the training programme, participants should provide voluntary computer repair and upgrade service to NGOs and families in need.

Supported by the Environmental Protection Department, the workshop started the Computer Reuse Programme in 2003, which serves to lower the amount of electronic waste to landfills and help the people in need with reused computers. The computer not qualified for reuse were dissembled and grouped according to the EPD’s demands. After that, they were sold to recyclers for recycling, with the income used to support the computer reuse programme.

CTRL+Z, Caritas Computer Workshop’s new service point, was opened in 2018. It provides reused computers and digital products for service targets as well as the public. Caritas Computer Workshop moved to a factory building To Kwa Wan the same year and formally became a self-financed social enterprise. Apart from the above, in time of high teenage unemployment rate, the computer reuse programme provides teenagers with job opportunities, helping a great number of teenagers to find their career path over the years.

3 Objectives:
1)      To provide training for teenagers in need
2)      Improve the quality of life for the deprived through technology
3)      Lower the amount of electronic waste, save the environment and apply the 3R (Recycle, Reduce, Reuse) principles

SE Information:

Caritas Computer Workshop
2716 6875
2716 6951
No. 73,G/F, Block 2, Yip On Factory Estate, Wang Hoi Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon

Product and Service

Caritas Computer Workshop's services include the Computer Recycling Programme, Computer Reuse Programme, Digital Products Reuse Programme, Data Erasure and Data Recovery Service.

Computer Recycling Service
The workshop provides free collection services for electronic waste. The workshop staff will collect the e-waste at the applicant's requested site 4 to 8 weeks after they apply for collection online. The workshop also sets up collection points at more than 20 Caritas Service Centres all over Hong Kong.

Computer and Digital Products Reuse Programme
Eligible applicants* could apply for a set of reused computer preinstalled with Microsoft Windows 10 Pro and Microsoft Office 2010 at $200 HKD. The workshop also offers reused laptop computers, mobile phones, tablets, e-books and other computer and digital accessories.

Computer Repair Service
The workshop's mobile computer repair team visits qualified applicants' home to provide computer repair service every day. The membership fee is 50 dollars a year for eligible applicants*.

*include people who receive government subsidy or are recommended by NGOs, churches and schools.

Data Erasure
The workshop will erase all data in every hard drive collected. Subject to the customer's needs, the workshop will provide data degaussing and hard drive destruction service. Our data degaussing technology meets the U.S. DoD 5520.22-M (E) Standard.

Data Recovery
The workshop introduces the new public data recovery service in 2018. Customer's damaged hard drive's data are recovered so that the valuable data, such as documents and photos, can be retrieved.