Social Enterprise Business Centre

Programmes and Services

ACT focuses on four major social concerns:

Programmes and ServicesProgrammes and ServicesProgrammes and ServicesProgrammes and Services

Poverty and social inclusion

You will embark on community visits to understand the livelihood of the underprivileged and stories of marginalized groups in our community.

Envrionmental protection and sustainability

You will know more about local environmental issues through hands-on experiences, for instance, eco-soap making with a group of grassroots women, organic farming experiences and interviews with local farmers.

Community development and local culture

You will travel to various parts of our local community, learn about the history of local communities and hardships of the grassroots, say by visitng old fishery villages.

Social Entrepreneurship and CSR 

Business and social sectors are not segregated. You can learn how business models can be used to solve social problems.